Pastry bowl sled designed with Creaflexx

Pastry bowl sled designed with Creaflexx


1. Transfer the sled templates twice (left and right) to the Creaflexx and cut them out. In addition, cut out 6 strips measuring 2 x 37.5 cm and one strip 15 x 30 cm. On the wide strip (15 x 30 cm), mark a 1.5 cm long edge on both long sides. And every 3 cm cut out a small triangle from the edge.

2 For a skid, 3 narrow strips (2 x 37.5 cm) are required, which are bent as shown on the laying plan. Heat the first strip with the hot air blower and bend it upwards at the rear end. Keep the shape short. Once the Creaflexx has cooled down, it retains its shape. Heat the strip at the front end and roll it up a bit.
Heat the second strip and roll both sides from the outside inwards to the middle (see layout). Stick the two circles in the middle of the first strip by heating (activation of the adhesive). Heat the third strip and form a large bow at the back end. Roll in a little smaller at the front end. Heat the middle part of the third strip and glue over the two circles (2nd strip). Repeat with the other 3 strips and make a second skid

Note: It is advisable to use a heat-resistant surface and place a layer of baking paper on it, so that the Creaflexx can not stick to the surface when it is warm. In addition, when using Creaflexx we recommend to wear thin cotton gloves, as above all the glue can become very hot when heated.

Tip: For the curves on the runners, the Creaflexx can be bent over a tube or the cardboard core of a roll of cling film when warm, but always place baking paper in between so that the Creaflexx does not stick.

3. Place the serrated piece of Creaflexx with the adhesive side up and heat the edges. Bend the points on the left and right side down to create a right angle. Now heat the surface of the piece and adjust the shape to the side part of the slide. Heat the prongs again and stick to the side part of the slide. Cut any protruding points (for example on the front handle). Heat the narrow curved strip and stick over the prongs so that they are covered.
Heat the prongs on the other side and glue on the side part. Heat the corresponding narrow strip and glue over the prongs so that they are also covered.



4. Cut the decopatch paper into small pieces and glue it on the outside of the carriage with the Paperpatch adhesive on the left and right. Let dry.
Paint the runners with the golden paint and the remaining parts of the slide with the red paint. Let dry. Paint the runners again with the golden paint and let them dry.
Apply a coat of clear lacquer to the slide so that it can be cleaned with a damp cloth after use. Let dry.
Glue the skids to the sledges with the UHU Kraft All-purpose Glue and let it harden well overnight.


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